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Global Wellness Insight on Potential Sale of Twitter

September 23, 2016

Matthew Vasey MD

Department of Emergency Medicine, Tampa General Hospital | Teamhealth, an affiliate of University of South Florida

Disclosure: Opinions reflect neither employer nor affiliated institutions, soley those of the author.

Laissez-faire communication within civilization has never been so present, yet so vulnerable. Twitter like no other platform has enriched the unfiltered seamless movement of information among humans. It is of global interest that the company and this platform remain uniquely owned and operated. The current media narrative of potential buyout stands to destroy the very framework that has been created for short-sided optimization of monetary gain. Twitter has struggled to achieve the fabricated faux growth expectation of a publicly traded stock in its current malaligned sector. As a capitalist and advocate of free markets I understand there are two ways to lever the fulcrum of the balance sheet equation. This is through either government regulation which I would not encourage in this setting or through corporate governance achieved through influence on the Board of Directors either directly or indirectly.

Twitter should transition to a low fee monthly subscription service option equivalent to that of a United Postal Service stamp whereby 2% of which should be distributed by dividend to shareholders. The efficient market will create the volatile transition from the public growth company that never was to a steadfast value investment that will redefine the nature of information travel. Not since the British empire's naval "tweets" of shared information will the stage be set for such an intellectual renaissance taking the modern world into the next era of civilization.

The laissez-faire communication capability for the common user created by this novel enterprise must continue with as little interference from the current Technologic Oligopoly that exists within the market place.

My name is Matthew Vasey MD. As a current shareholder and user, I am using this entry to seek either support for an at large voting seat on, or to indirectly influence the Twitter Board of Directors with the intention of blocking any proposed sale and the intention of a transition from a failed technological growth model to a fundamentally value utility driven enterprise model for the independent advancement of civilization, not so more distracting advertisement "impressions" can generate more "engagement".

The very fact that this information entry published by me linked through the Twitter platform could potentially have an impact on the Board of Director decision is the very motivation for the entry itself.

Matthew Vasey MD @NYJSM on Social Media