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A global market health medical metaphor

September 29, 2016

Matthew Vasey MD

Department of Emergency Medicine, Tampa General Hospital | Teamhealth, an affiliate of University of South Florida

Disclosure: Opinions reflect neither employer nor affiliated institutions, soley those of the author. Author is not a financial professional, opinion not to be considered financial professional advice.

When asked, "How much time do I have doctor?". I respond, it's not my place to prognosticate the likelihood of particular dates on such a matter. I like to always maintain hope that anything is possible. I do however feel it's time to prepare for the inevitable.

What we are seeing in the global market place reflects that of a patient initiating the approach to multi organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS) and subsequent death. While the American financial system is a strong, flexible left ventricle capable of maintaining the system in and of itself, it is at the mercy of other physiologic sectors. The international financial right ventricular system death mechanism takes a more indolent pre-load dependent course.

It begins with a drop in international GDP's financial squeezing contractility while the American left ventricle remains strong, engorged and fully capable. Monetary policy IV fluid capital bolus delays the inevitable death creating an illusion of stabilization of blood pressure for economy and family. As the right main descending European Market German coronary arterial branch infarcts the squeezing muscle [ current state as of September 29, 2016 ] monetary boluses are no longer capable of supplying the left ventricle. Blood pressure begins to drop again initiating fear and irrationality for patient and family. Given global economic heart transplant isn't available, systemic death knocks louder.

The repeat drop in blood pressure slowly dries up the downstream liver and kidney multi-national sectors. There is no turning back. The physician fed chairman knows what lies ahead but remains at the mercy of a system that demands impulsively everything available be done. A repeat drop in interest rates or alternate stimulus are prescribed as ionotropic and vasopressor agents to again restore a perceived perpetual stabilization of blood pressure and rationality. Beneath the surface, the hepato-renal sector failure is unable to conduct business building up a toxic electrolyte balance sheet and free money fluid overloads the wrong compartments. It is all just a matter of time until cash flow blood pressure falls again, for the last time.

Not until the fragile, dying patient's Mr. Market politicized media brain becomes contaminated speaking out a toxic stuporous message sending a stark realization to the viewing family at bedside. The audience becomes irrational calling for something to be done, seeking consult from congress to catheterize the American left ventricle bank, rioting for regulatory dialysis of the renal sector, emergent transplant of the liver industry, and massive blood energy transfusion. Multi organ dysfunction syndrome reaches the penultimate phase, a sudden gasp of violent death volatility. All systems go unresponsive to any stimuli and turbulent irrational aftermath ensues leaving various regions of persons in complete despair, forced to sell, bankrupt and in disbelief. Unlike eternal peace of the individual human life cycle, the economic cycle does however, go on to spring new life for the next cycles class of leading financiers savvy to today's prognosis. on Social Media