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A Five Step Guide to Improved Mental Health

October 11, 2016

Matthew Vasey MD

Department of Emergency Medicine, Tampa General Hospital | Teamhealth, an affiliate of University of South Florida

Disclosure: Opinions reflect neither employer nor affiliated institutions, soley those of the author.

Consider mainstream perception of mental health as a byproduct of cortical thought notwithstanding the psychological sequelae of organic brain disease. That said, imagine your very own mental health as a direct result of your own conscious thoughts. With something so straightforward and seemingly simple, why is quantum improvement of one's mental health so elusive? As with all things, perceived positive mental health without reliance on counter destructive illicit substance takes practice.

Classically speaking the limbic, otherwise primitive or reptilian brain controls to name a few, emotion and long term memory. Think of this as long term impulsive emotions persistent in our mind at a constant smolder of brain activity awaiting a stimulus of intellectual gasoline from the cerebral cortex having no other pathway than through the brain's campfire. Nearly all things psychologically destructive to achieving positive mental health come from this smoldering intrinsic emotional campfire called the amygdala.

Despite civilization's current technological hijack amplifying disevolutionary reinforcement of impulsivity and primitive brain, higher thought from the cerebral cortex does exist. While future generations may evolve backwards towards the relatively larger limbic brain of millennia prior, the purpose of this article is to put forth a blueprint for conditioning of higher analytical thought. The ultimate goal is to achieve improved mental health by pouring water onto the smoldering campfire of the amygdala's at times overwhelming negative obsessive effects historically rooted in the primitive survival of a era far less relevant today.

Consider this five step guide to the improvement of your mental health:

Step 1 (Figure 1. Yellow) - Position yourself in a quiet location of physical comfort at ambient temperature and close your eyes to relieve yourself from negative stimuli from the environment.

Step 2 (Figure 1. Orange) - Focus conscious thought on breathing with the intention of limiting the bandwidth of conscious thought crowding out cognitive noise. This crowding out can be further improved with headphones playing non-lyrical relaxed music.

Step 3 (Figure 1. Red) - Focus remaining conscious perception on the positive symbolic vector of your choice that will transport your mind to the existential world vacant from negative thought at peace in metaphysical harmony.

Step 4 (Figure 2.) - Spontaneous flash return to reality after a transient experience with improved mental health cultivated by higher analytical thought from the cerebral cortex.

Step 5 - Repeat process to achieve reduced requirements of supplemental actions so that your positively reinforced existential state can be experienced anywhere and anytime for the duration of your needs to achieve a quantum improvement in your mental health.

Figure 1. Yellow, Orange & Red

Figure 2. on Social Media