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Interview with Jarah Mariano

April 14, 2013

Matthew Vasey, MD


Recently on the silver screen in 007 Skyfall, shown in the 007 Oscars Tribute, NYJSM first met Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated Supermodel Jarah Mariano while photographing runway shows at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami. She was born in Hawaii, raised in Southern California. When asked, she describes her heritage being that of half Korean, a quarter Native Hawaiian, and the rest unknown. Jarah kindly took time out of her hectic work schedule to answer a few questions from Dr. Vasey for the readers of NYJSM.

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Dr. Vasey: How did you get into modeling?
Jarah Mariano: I was discovered for modeling at the age of 15 on The Promenade in Santa Monica California while shopping with my parents.

Dr. Vasey: What accomplishment are you most proud of as it relates to your professional career?
Jarah Mariano: I am proud to be the first Asian Pacific Islander to be continuously featured in Victoria's Secret, as well as Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

Dr. Vasey: Is fitness a conscious effort for you, or something of an afterthought?
Jarah Mariano: In my earlier career I did nothing in the realm of organized fitness, although I was always a naturally athletic and adventurous person. Now, I take the time to add some sort of regime to my schedule at least a few times a week.

Dr. Vasey: What is your typical workout regimen?
Jarah Mariano: I mix a moderation of Bikram yoga, cardio and core. I always like to keep it new and interesting so occasionally I'll throw in things like aerial yoga, spinning, pilates, biking, and kick boxing.

Dr. Vasey: What's your favorite fitness activity?
Jarah Mariano: Surfing. I grew up surfing and wish I could do it more, but for the past decade I have lived primarily in New York City where it's not something I'm able to maintain. I love how it's not only good for fitness, but also has tremendous benefits for the mind and spirit.

Dr. Vasey: What types of food and drink might we find in your refrigerator on an average day?
Jarah Mariano: Water, coconut water, orange juice, sauvignon blanc, green veggies, fruit, chicken, eggs ... if I have been traveling a lot there's only water and condiments.

Dr. Vasey: Is there a food you can not live without?
Jarah Mariano: All the wonderful different cheeses in the world!

Dr. Vasey: I understand you have been swimming with sharks, please elaborate.
Jarah Mariano: Yes, one of my favorite memories. I have gone to Tahiti a few times to shoot with Roxy Quiksilver and most of the trips we were in the water all day with sharks, mantarays, and fish. They are wild, but have become somewhat accustomed to people feeding them and swimming around so it's not entirely dangerous.

Dr. Vasey: Have you been able to find time to participate or support any charitable causes?
Jarah Mariano: Yes, almost all of the events I attend or promote are charity related; breast cancer awareness, AIDS awareness, Red Cross, NYRP, MDA, Models4Water, Garden of Dreams, inner city children, ASPCA ...

Dr. Vasey: What are your thoughts on the state of the nations healthcare?
Jarah Mariano: Crisis.

Dr. Vasey: Any suggestions on how we at nyjsm.com can make disease prevention popular?
Jarah Mariano: The more who are aware and care, can make a difference. Promote the cause as far and wide as possible and be persistent. Nowadays social media is a great tool to help.

Dr. Vasey: Please take this opportunity to mentor and inspire any young reader who might be open to guidance at this time in their life.
Jarah Mariano: The best thing that you can do to learn is ask questions. Be open-minded, believe in yourself and take risks. Life is much too short to worry about what everyone else thinks and wants. If you can take care of yourself, you can help others that you care about.

Dr. Vasey: What can we hope to see from you in the future?
Jarah Mariano: I hope to continue modeling as long as I'm able to. My longevity has already superseded my expectations. I hope to continue to be a part of charitable entities, and also to branch out into more creative things I love to do such as photography, writing and cultural studies.

Thank you Jarah from everyone involved with NYJSM. We hope to see you with the platform of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Cover Model soon. Best wishes for continued success both within your profession and beyond.

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