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Denise Richards consults Dr. Vasey and NYJSM.com

September 13, 2010

Matthew Vasey, MD

"Dr. Vasey, could you provide your readers with information about Kidney Cancer? Please encourage them to check out and get involved with the Kidney Cancer Association". - Denise Richards

Ms. Richards, it was very nice meeting you during Malan Breton's Fashion Week runway show. I just viewed your video for the Kidney Cancer Association acknowledging the loss of your mother to the disease. I appreciate the opportunity to share information about kidney cancer with our readers on your behalf and hope for the continued success of the Kidney Cancer Association.

It was estimated in 2009, nearly 60,000 thousand people would be diagnosed with one of the various type of renal cell carcinoma or kidney cancer. (1) This figure constitutes about 2% of total cancers diagnoses. (2) If caught early enough a surgical removal can be curative depending on the stage of the cancer. Unfortunately, 25% of those with kidney cancer will have advanced disease at the time of diagnosis. (3) Historically, symptoms prompting a doctor visit ultimately unveiling kidney cancer were blood in the urine, a mass that could be felt in the abdomen, abdominal pain or weight loss. (4) With the advent of improved medical imaging techniques such as the CT scan and MRI, kidney cancers are now discovered before any symptoms approximately 60% of the time. (5)

Many factors come into consideration requiring many studies to be performed by an oncologist or cancer specialist to determine the stage, grade and cell type of an individual's unique and dynamic cancer status. The situation becomes far more concerning and ultimately life threatening should the cancer have already spread or metastasized at the time of diagnoses or if the cancer recurs after an initial attempt at unsuccessful surgical removal. While there remain a number of treatment options, the likelihood of a cure at this time is less likely. It is this situation which represents the focal point of very complex kidney cancer related research. Foundations such as the Kidney Cancer Association serve a very important function to raise funds to support this research as well as providing a support network for those with kidney cancer and their loved ones.

Check out: kidneycancer.org

I would of course, also like to invite everyone to check out:
Denise Richard's Official Website: deniserichards.com
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