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Turk Wendell
MLB's New York Mets

Dr. Vasey: What sort of things were going through your head confronted with a serious career altering injury?
Turk Wendell: There are many different things that go through ones head when you have any injury, but when it entails surgery, the thoughts get deeper and worse ...

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Nick Tarnasky
NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning

Dr. Vasey: What can you tell me and the readers about what you went through in the early stages after your operation and on into your course of rehabilitation?
Nick Tarnasky: Once I woke up from the surgery, it was one of the weirdest feelings I have ever had ...

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Jeff Reed
NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers

Dr. Vasey: What are regular season practices like for a kicker in the NFL?
Jeff Reed: During the regular season, I kick Thursdays and sometimes Fridays ...

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Rashad Holman
NFL's San Francisco 49ers

Dr. Vasey: Out of college, branded shoulder injury, going into combine, what did you go through with that process?
Rashad Holman: When you go through combine, one thing they do is get everyone lined up to enter about six different rooms ...

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Matt White
MLB's Los Angeles Dodgers

Dr. Vasey: Were you ever able to get back the opportunity with the Red Sox you earned in Spring Training prior to the injury?
Matt White: I never got back to the condition I was in prior to the injury with the Red Sox ...

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Tommy John
Professional Trainer

Dr. Vasey: What would you like to see as the future for electrical stimulation and the ARP?
Tommy John: What I'd like to see for the future of the ARP is for every major sporting team, professional or amateur ...

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Carmelo Anthony
NBA's New York Knicks

Carmelo Anthony supports the Carmelo Anthony Foundation

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week - NYC - 9.11.11
Dwayne Wade
NBA's Miami Heat

Dwayne Wade supports the Wayne's World Foundation

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week - NYC - 9.8.11
Chad Ochocinco
NFL's Cincinnati Bengals

Chad Ochocinco supports Feed the Children

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim - Miami - 7.14.11
Amare Stoudemire
NBA's New York Knicks

Amare Stoudemire Invites NYJSM to check out the Amare Stoudemire Foundation

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week - 2.13.11
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